Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the first way to gamble your Altis Life Currency. You deposit through one of our verified cashiers, and can then bet those credits on our games: roulette, crash, coinflip, jackpot.

It doesn't matter how rich you are, or how much you bet, your odds are always the same.

Bets occur in real time, across the entire site, meaning you bet, win, and lose along with other players.

All rolls are generated using a provably fair system – ensuring a fair roll each and every time.

How use the chat?

Before using chat, read "Chat Rules". If you do not follow those rules, you will receive a permanent ban.

  1. Don't beg for money.
  2. Don't post your affiliates codes in chat.
  3. Don't advertise other websites.
  4. Technical problems are not solved on chat but through support/discord
  5. Do not ask about support tickets in chat. You can expect a response within 48 hours of sending your ticket.
  6. Do not lie about transactions on support tickets, as this can result in a ban.
  7. Respect our staff. Any rude remarks or attempts to belittle them will result in a mute.


What is our currency?

1 coin on site = $1 in Asylum's Altis Life server

This currency has no real world value and is simply for fun!

Can I send my coins to other players?

Yes! To send coins you must have level 1. You can send coins to other players by clicking on their username in the chat and/or directly through the chat using the format "/send ".

Do you have plans to accept Olympus money?

Yes we intend on supporting this as well in the future once we acquire olympus investors, with a possible exchange rate supported.

How can I get free coins?

Head over to your profile tab and make sure your account is verified.

There is a couple of ways you can earn free coins on

  1. Daily reward:

    You can earn free coins daily by claiming your Daily Reward.


How can I earn extra coins by referring new users?

Create your unique code in the affiliate tab and receive 1000 coins for every user who used your code.

The code will also generate 2000 coins for the person who uses the code.

Note: The code should not be misleading or violate any trademarks.


How do I deposit?

  1. Contact us through chat, discord, steam or Live chat to deposit/withdraw.


How do I withdraw?

Contact us through chat, discord, steam or Live chat to deposit/withdraw.


Are the games fair?

Absolutely! And we can prove it. Please see our provably fair page for technical details.



Please contact Foster#1337 on discord regarding sponsorships.

We are always looking to become better known and are willing to work with any idea you may have!

Intros at the start of montages, signature space on the forums, etc.


What if I can't stop?

Like all forms of gambling, online gambling can become an addiction that can have serious negative effects on your life.

If you lose more than you planned to or can't safely afford and find yourself struggling to control time and/or money spent gambling, please check these sites for information that could help you:


Self Help: